söndag 11 november 2007

On the 7th day he rested...

While he could have spent one more day perfecting his own ultimate creation.

I hope you dont missunderstand me, it is in no way my purpose to bash any religion but if the humans are created to gods selfimage, dont you think he should have done a better job?

When i discuss this in real life with people of religion they claim that i do not know what i am talking about and that god follows his own divine plan.
Looking at the current situation in the world, gods planning management sucks!

Isnt it obvious that if this world and this way of living are gods self image then our god is a cruel god. In the book of Revelation a.k.a. Apocalypse of John, descriptions about our comming end are frightening and preach nothing else then destruction to the unbelievers.

Now i can relate to the book of John up until a certain limit when it comes to murderers, rapists etc but a man who lives his life honestly, respects and takes care of his family and those around him and does not mean harm to anyone but also chooses not to believe in god, does he deserve the horrible fate described in revelations? I honestly dont think so.

This is a subject of endless discussion so i'll lay it to rest here.
As always all are welcome with comments!

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