lördag 10 november 2007

More on us...

On our planet we have all kinds of creatures, we have animals who are living outdoors and often in the wildernes but we also have the "Homo Sapiens" (Humans) who considder themselves the superior and most intelligent species walking around.

We are actually the brightest lifeform on Earth up to a certain point but the thing that bothers me the most is that we have no clue of how primitive we still actually are.
Regardless of sex, race, religion and so forth the humans are still primitive. Period.

The so called "Modern" humans have been wandering the earth for more than 154.000 years and we still have not (and most likely will not yet find) found a way to live together in peace and harmony and secure our future as a Unity. Instead we seek (material) reasons to kill eachother, to hate eachother over religion and the mutual differences while we are blind to see the similarities between us.
Throughout the years the human race has shown nothing but destruction and thirst for blood. We even crucified the son of god, what more proof do we need?

I often wonder why we and our "great" (little) leaders can not solve an issue by a game of chess instead of sending youg men and women into death ordering them to bring the same upon their peers. Weather you are American, Iraqi, Italian, Martian, you have no right nor justification to take a life of another human, not to mention 150.000 lives or as we have seen in our recent history: 6.000.000 lives.

The unstable experiment project called human kind might be over the top of its own existence. Sadly we will not understand that until its too late.

Thank you for reading.

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