lördag 10 november 2007


I don't really know if it's just me but to it seems like the world and the people inside of it are getting colder by the day. We are walking on streets with our mobile phones, mp3 players, PDA's, constantly plugged in with no friendly faces to others that wander on these same streets we are wandering on. We are showing less compassion to those weaker then us and can't seem to be able to provide the same security to our children that our grandparents provided to our mothers and fathers. The world has become a very small place the past 100 years, the real question however is wether this is an improvement or not?

My name is Dax and on this blog you will be able to read more about my point of view on different things and sometimes a little input of how I see the reality.

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Welcome to Sacred Secret, hope you find some brainfood here.

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